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 Tee LeFléur! Sheliza Teez!

Midnight Phoenix! Nyx Vespertine!

These amazing beauties will be performing at Valens-Play on February 14, 2015!



DoDeca Events LLC is Here!

DoDeca Events, LLC is an Event Planning organization which specializes in private parties, corporate parties and get-a-ways, conferences and other special events. Whatever you have in mind we can plan. We pride ourselves on being able to organize, plan and event promote your event or party for an affordable price. So when you are ready, contact us and let us know what you are planning and we will take the reins with contacting everyone from venues to vendors to caterers and bars. With our organization service we also offer hosting so that you can enjoy your event with everyone else.

DoDeca-Con 3: Sept. 11-13, 2015

We re getting into gear with DoDeca-Con 3! The ball is really rolling and we have already booked three guests and sold a couple tables and booths, not to mention the numerous fan groups who have signed up! We have also completed the floor plan for the show in our new location at Howard Johnson in Columbia!

You will notice the color coding of the floor plan. The blue areas are Dealer Booths. The yellow are vendor tables. The red are creator tables. And the green are fan tables. You will also notice that this year there will be two dealer floors; the Red room and the Blue room. The Red room is our main dealer area, where the Blue room is a secondary dealer room with the VIP lounge. We understand that being separate from the main room may reduce traffic, though we will ALWAYS make sure the foot traffic of our show is pushed in that directions. But because of this, we have reduced the cost of a Dealer booth in the Blue Room to $125.00, instead of $150.00 as it is in the Red Room. Do when you submit you application for a dealer booth this year you will need to decide which room you would like to be in and submit the correct application.

And now a few words on the application process. We are doing this in order to keep the floor fresh and not have multiple dealers selling like merchandise. We wish to ensure out attendees have a multitude of merch to look at and choose from. And as always, bring your best deals.

Well enough of this for now. Take a look around the site, a few things have changed menu-wise. We are attempting to streamline the site so that it is easy to navigate and easy to find the info you needs.

As always, thank you for your continued support and if you have any issues with the site or have any questions, please contact us at And if you yourself are planning an event, and need some assistance, you can contact Randy Taylor at for an event planning consultation.

DoDeca-Con 3 Floor Plan